Erkmen 2014Salon
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class Ayşe Erkmen
Academy of Fine Arts Münster

"Diamonds and Pearls"

July 4th - August 15th
Opening reception for the artists:
Friday, July 3rd, 7pm


with: Melanie Bisping, Stephanie Gudra, Jiwon Han, Jonas Hohnke, Anselm Kotschi, Jaroslaw Kudla, Sun-Hwa Lee, Esther Mittermeier, Yoora Park, Nadia Pereira Benavente, David Rauer, Stephanie Regenbrecht, Kachina Schanz, Alexandra Searle, Denis Shankey-Smith, Ji Young Son, Jihun Song, Anne Staab, Dino Steinhof, Samuel Treindl, Birgit Wichern, Sophie Wilberg-Laursen

Diamonds and Pearls

After the song and album title of Prince, released on 1 October 1991 under the label Warner Bros. Records / Paisley Park Records, the group exhibition is named " Diamonds and Pearls". To be seen are the individual titles of young artists, an album, a jewelry box. The sculpture class of Ayşe Erkmen from Münster is a guest in the exhibition space of Evelyn Drewes. For the first time in the gallery, that otherwise specialises in positions of painting, are sculptural works of young artists visible, that move or are still in two to three dimensional space. The artists work with diverse media and make use of a wide variety of image sources from all sectors of life. Sculpture is sometimes visual space, sometimes sound. Floorfillers are songs that should bring the guests to dance. Inspired by the glassy floor of the gallery, the cliché images of Hamburg and an ironic self-awareness, which also makes it possible to see one's work as a pearl on the chain of many beads, came the title of the show. Sparkle and dazzle and questioning the value of the expensive rocks, not all that glitters is gold, but everything that glitters can be gold.

Illusion and restrained spectacle : we name it, then it will be valuable!

The hidden critique of capitalism is on the other side of the medal. Glass ist sharp edged, minerals can be toxic. Linking to painting, the Azurite is a health hazard which was used until the 17th century for the production of azure blue.